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In addition to honoring Americans who gave the ultimate sacrifice, Memorial Day weekend is marked by community events, travel and the unofficial start of summer
What characteristics differentiate an officer with a military background versus their non-military counterpart?
About 181,500 veterans are incarcerated and make up about 8% of the state prison population and 5% of the federal prison population
We owe the one-half of one percent who don the uniform the opportunity to acclimate back into society and deal with any demons from their military service
The veterans mentorship program started with a small group of prisoners with military combat experience who were trained to be trauma healers
Harris, a decorated U.S. Army veteran, was not the intended target and was tragically in the “wrong place at the wrong time”
Corrections Training
The dogs are selected for the program based on their temperament and learn 37 different commands over the course of about 14 months
The partnership between Veterans Florida, the Florida Department of Corrections and the U.S. Department of Defense is the first statewide training program in the nation for service members
Designated programs and resources can minimize recidivism and bolster community reintegration
The new pod at the Oklahoma County Jail was refurbished as part of an effort to increase mental health treatment for inmates
Three Connecticut-based groups are helping released or soon-to-be-released vets navigate the process of reinstating their benefits and resolving any VA debts
“Barracks Behind Bars II: In veteran-specific housing units, veterans help veterans help themselves” illuminates specialized housing unit programs that are trying to prevent recidivism
Learn how to translate your military experience into corrections credentials
Two dozen DOC employees cooked and served a hot meal to about 40 local veterans, in addition to donating clothes, food and toiletries
The inmates in the unit get daily drug treatment counseling and an array of programs and art activities like acting lessons and a poetry slam
Businesses across the country are offering everything from free meals to discounts to honor the nation’s veterans
A program aimed at helping military veterans stay out of prison once they are released was introduced Thursday