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Studies have shown that inmates who receive some form of higher education are far less likely to have behavioral problems in prison
An arbitrator ruled that Anthony Marlak’s termination was an excessive response by the state Department of Correction
Six inmates have died in 2022 due to drug overdoses compared to one death in 2021
After getting 155,730 applications from eligible essential workers, including LEOs, FFs, EMS providers and COs, lawmakers realized they would have to put more money in or slash benefits
Forenza Rakeem Murphy, 31, escaped nearly two months ago from a Connecticut Department of Corrections halfway house
Documentation revealed that the CO worked as a reserve officer as well as a real estate agent while out on workers’ compensation
The man was in court to respond to numerous charges, including second-degree assault
Proponents hope the bill will crackdown on repeat offenders and reduce rising car thefts by juveniles
“It doesn’t eliminate the use of solitary confinement, but it puts significant restrictions on its use,” said Rep. Steven Stafstrom
Senate Bill 448 would create a commission to oversee the DOC’s administration of healthcare
“I don’t think we should be rewarding government when families across Connecticut are struggling,” Senate Republican leader Kevin Kelly said
For the first time since April 1990, the number has dropped below 9,000
“We fault the facility warden and his supervisory staff for creating an atmosphere that puts us at risk,” the leader of a local union representing corrections staff said
A loaded .308-caliber handgun was found in a trash can at the correctional facility
An East Coast drifter accused of being a serial killer told fellow prison inmates that he killed seven people in Connecticut in 2003