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County Jails

Deputy Toya Adams worked her way from the jail kitchen to a sheriff’s deputy
A corrections officer, not a medical professional, received the newborn, hit him on the back to summon his first breaths and responded when he turned blue, an internal report says
Miles Michael Kenneth Bondley, awaiting trial for nearly a dozen felony charges. escaped from “a fully-enclosed, high security exercise yard”
To entice applicants and get current correctional officers to stay, the Otero County Commission recently approved raises from $15 to $19 an hour
$18.9 million shortfall is primarily due to increased operating costs at Hidalgo County jail due to overcrowding
The loss of the federal contract to hold the detainees likely will create a $6 million hole in the county budget that will have to be filled, according to officials
The show features multiple people each season voluntarily opting to be incarcerated for 60 days to understand what life is like inside the prison system
The CO was punched in the face during a de-escalation attempt and has not returned to work
Designated programs and resources can minimize recidivism and bolster community reintegration
The grant money will not only allow the acreage of the garden to expand, but it also allows for the publishing of a book highlighting the program’s success
Inmates noticed something was off with Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Deputy Patrick Edmond while he was conducting a routine cell search
“These inmates had no obligation whatsoever to render aid to a bleeding, vulnerable deputy, but they didn’t hesitate,” the sheriff’s office said
Authorities captured a second inmate who escaped when he surrendered to federal marshals and Arkansas State Police troopers in the Ozark National Forest
There are signs that immigration officials are struggling to find space for the growing number of ICE detainees
Officials had turned off water to the inmate’s cell as punishment, but it was never turned back on and he died a week later