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Aligning with high-demand jobs, the initiative carves a new pathway for post-incarceration job and life stability
Union says the plan to close the Larch Corrections Center “will harm workers, incarcerated individuals and their families”
Jail staff will show visitors the booking area, administration offices, housing units and the jail kitchen
A council, allowed to meet in secret, advised Gov. Newsom on a $360 million plan to remake the prison grounds as a college campus, with a student union, classrooms and possibly a coffee shop
The Camp GED program offers a flexible, supportive learning environment for the firefighters, helping them balance their duties while pursuing their education
The inmates were able to showcase emotions through a series of short performances
Wildland firefighter inmates learn marketable job skills while earning minimum wage
Studies have shown that inmates who receive some form of higher education are far less likely to have behavioral problems in prison
“I’m one of the first to say we need to hold people accountable to their crimes, but we need to offer programs so that we don’t see them in correctional facilities again,” the sheriff said
“The skills our students learn pave the way for successful reentry, helping them prepare for careers or continuing their education,” Superintendent Shannon Swain said
Four bills would help with access, apprenticeships, licensing and oversight
Funding for the Inside-Out training program will cover costs for one year
The details came to light after a public health emergency order was issued for the center earlier this week
The facility will be renamed the San Quentin Rehabilitation Center and inmates serving sentences will be moved elsewhere in the state’s penitentiary system
Over 200 women at Edna Mahan took part in training dogs for nearly 22 years with Puppies Behind Bars