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The Ethics topic tackles the complex ethical issues that can arise while working in corrections — from developing inappropriate relationships with inmates to leadership’s handling of staff misconduct.

Recommitting to our oath can help us stay stronger and healthier and survive this job long enough to retire in good physical and mental health
Are you familiar with your agency’s policies that give you the tools to aid or protect vulnerable inmates?
The duty to intervene in an excessive force situation is your legal and moral responsibility
The experiments in the 60s and 70s involved administering doses of pesticides and herbicides to the incarcerated men
PREA criminalizes any sexual relationship between correctional officers and inmates because of the “imbalance of power”
The Attica Correctional Facility CO was facing a disciplinary hearing for sharing a “vile posting” days after the Tops Markets mass shooting
COs must be trained in how to verbally de-escalate and physically intervene when another officer loses emotional control
By teaching officers what not to do, we can prevent mistakes before they occur
Ethics in corrections is paramount to preventing harm to inmates, ensuring officer safety and protecting the community
The county is moving to hold contractors to the same ethical standards as employees following reports of inmate abuses, inappropriate public comments
Ethical behavior isn’t just about what is right vs. what is wrong, it is also about making decisions that keep both officers and inmates safe
Ego, tradition, indifference and bad judgment can allow inappropriate behaviors to become normalized
Debra Becnel was one of four St. Bernard deputies charged with deprivation of civil rights under color of law following the death of 19-year-old inmate Nimali Henry
If we can predict that some staff may fall victim to manipulation or corruption, then we can put measures in place to help to prevent it
If complacency can kill us physically, what role does ethical complacency play in ending careers?