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Despite a substantial funding hike, enduring staffing challenges persistent in the state’s juvenile justice system
The Franklin County Regional Jail inmate died after she jumped out of the transport vehicle’s window, police said
In response to riots and assaults at the Department of Juvenile Justice, legislation was passed to increase staff salaries, enhance security, among other measures
Prior to the changes, anyone wearing head coverings, regardless of what it was, had to remove the head coverings when being booked at the jail
Ohio corrections officials said investigators determined the inmates left the correctional facility “after concealing themselves in a dumpster”
In the program, inmates can take online classes on information technology, problem-solving, personal development, job skills and other areas
The COs admitted they witnessed fellow officers assault a nonviolent inmate who was lying face down in a shower cell wearing handcuffs and leg shackles
The four have their sentencing postponed as there are additional “targets” that will face charges for participating in or covering up the assault
The juvenile justice bills ended up with bipartisan support, praised by outside observers
Official: “Detention is ineffective. It’s expensive. And it produces even worse conduct. But that’s the first instinct: ‘Lock ‘em up!’”
Another bill is calling for a $500K audit of eight juvenile detention centers
The bill would require youths charged with a serious offense to be evaluated for eligibility in cognitive behavioral therapy or substance abuse treatment
State officials said it’s time to ban the detention of youths who are charged with minor status offenses and Class B misdemeanors
A series of assaults, escapes and riots occurred last year at juvenile justice facilities around the state
The suit says counties are unfairly stuck with the costs of housing, feeding and providing medical and psychiatric care for inmates