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Lexipol provides fully developed, state-specific policies researched and written by subject matter experts and vetted by attorneys. Our policies are based on nationwide standards and best practices while also incorporating state and federal laws and regulations where appropriate. Best of all, we keep your policies updated for you, saving you time and money.

With Lexipol, you will enhance personnel accountability, reduce liability, save time and money on policy management AND rest easy knowing your facility is protected.

Take charge of your physical health and wellness so you can identify potential issues and address them before they cause trouble
The most effective programs, in my view, are those in which staff members confront the inmates about the problems and behavior that got them locked up
Inmates can be resourceful, turning everyday items into dangerous weapons, often to gain status or for protection
The safety of your personnel, your facility and your inmates depend on these inspections
As a first responder, it’s easy to get disconnected from home and family; make your home a sanctuary and be present for your loved ones
Prioritize first responder safety and wellness with grants to support initiatives for mental health, resilience and physical fitness
Elderly inmates pose some special challenges in corrections, including safety issues as well as the physical and mental problems associated with age
The court determines if liability falls to jail staff members in a recent case involving an inmate suicide
Lexipol employees have a personal love and passion for the public safety industry
The added wealth of experience, leadership will continue to bring innovative solutions to customers in public safety
The nomination for the 2024 Business Intelligence Group award focused on the Cordico wellness app
Lexipol’s comprehensive suite of solutions address key challenges for public safety and local government agencies
The Best in Biz Award recognizes the new version of Lexipol’s Cordico wellness app for first responders
Corrections Training
With facilities constantly short-staffed, today’s corrections training requires innovative scheduling, methods and platforms for success
Corrections Training
Officers should always control the time and place of any interactions with inmates
Jail policies and classification systems have been largely developed based on the male population
Corrections Training
Don’t ever rely on the “search incident to arrest” by the arresting or transporting officer
Is a warrantless search of a probationer’s cellphone permissible? The appellate court decides in a recent case
Corrections leaders should watch for corrections officers in their facilities developing inappropriate relationships with inmates
It is important that all staff know and follow their agency’s policies on security, inspections, contraband and escapes
How can jails effectively address opioid use disorder (OUD), while maintaining the safety of the facility and ensuring protection of inmates’ constitutional rights?
Corrections Training
We must ensure the people who are using the equipment are trained, authorized and certified to do so
Corrections Training
You can learn a lot from phone calls, such as plans for contraband being introduced to your facility or planned assaults on staff or other inmates
Corrections Training
Your productivity may be dependent on your interpersonal skills
Corrections Training
You don’t get to “win” the fight. You stop when the violence or active resistance has stopped
Corrections Training
Good training strategies make for competent employees who are in their element at work and less likely to look for greener pastures
Corrections Training
BLUF your way to better public safety writing
If you want to ensure your critical points reach the reader, consider moving the conclusion or the necessary action to the beginning of the document
Corrections Training
Many in corrections aren’t fully aware of the impact inmate ingenuity can have on daily operations; jail staff need to be alert and on guard
When mass arrests occur, don’t be caught flat-footed