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An investigation found COs worked past their scheduled shifts but supervisors were not providing signed approval, so OT wages were not being properly paid
The inmate grabbed a knife and took a kitchen employee hostage; A detention officer was able to disarm the inmate quickly and took him back into custody
Maryland’s highest court issued an order that prevents the reinstatement of Syed’s murder conviction by a lower court
“The staff shortage is extreme and creates a dangerous cycle,” as officers are often forced to work overtime, which leads to burnout and high turnover, the union says
After an assault, Maryland corrections officials placed Chelsea Gilliam in solitary confinement for months, according to the lawsuit
Questions arise about why meeting about squalid conditions for youth inmates was not public
Director: “In many cases, conditions were not found to be as described,” but county has “identified some areas for improvement”
A report from a public defender claims youth detainees are living in squalid conditions with limited access to healthcare and education
Javarick Gantt, a deaf man who relied on sign language to communicate, was found dead inside his cell last October
CO Robert Wilkerson served Caroline County Department of Corrections since 2007
After striking the deputy in the head and face with the phone, the inmate then tried to strangle the deputy with the phone cord
The CO was punched in the face during a de-escalation attempt and has not returned to work
An earlier federal investigation found the state shorted COs at one facility nearly half a million in overtime payments
The state paid COs and other staffers only through the end of their scheduled shift instead of when they clocked out
The sheriff authorized an additional $5 per hour for regular hours scheduled and worked