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Body camera footage shows the suspect being escorted by multiple officers who were preparing to search him outside of his cell; the video showed the suspect turning to the right and spitting in the face of one of the COs
The inmate said he “would not have attempted to escape if the towers had been operational,” a report says
Blueface, 26, pled guilty to a shooting that grazed a man’s hand and won’t serve any jail time unless he violates probation
A North Las Vegas killer, who refused to take his schizophrenia medication, is accused of killing his 70-year-old cellmate at High Desert State Prison
Officials asked for more staff after a High Desert State inmate was fatally stabbed with a prison-made shank by another prisoner who escaped his separation cage
The scholarship helps children of Las Vegas correctional and police officers advance their education
The deal marks one of the most expensive wrongful death settlements in recent history for the state prison system
Inmates said they were “mocked and ignored” when they told their supervisors of what would later be determined as second-degree burns and blisters
The ID inmates get upon release isn’t recognized as valid for many purposes
Legislation looks to remove language about ‘involuntary servitude’ as a form of criminal punishment from state constitutions
The man was released from custody in 2021 by prison officials on the same day he was transferred to the state’s custody to serve a kidnapping sentence
The Nevada inmate exited a jail van at an intersection and slipped and slid his way back into custody
The prisoners are protesting food portions, conditions of confinement and discipline at Ely State Prison
Charles Daniels said he filed whistleblower and hostile work environment complaints before resigning
The suspect told police he was tired of being disrespected after he cleaned the cell and his cellmate clogged the toilet
The embarrassing chain of events surrounding the escape of Porfirio Duarte-Herrera has put a spotlight on chronic staffing shortages at Nev. prisons
Porfirio Duarte-Herrera was convicted in 2010 of killing a hot dog stand vendor using a motion-activated bomb atop a car parked at the Luxor casino
Kirsten Liebendorfer is speaking out about the way her husband and his fellow COs are treated on the job
The fee, up to $55 per month, is intended to offset the costs of required weekly testing
Inmate Scott Dozier has tried to cut his neck and wrist and obtain deadly drugs while waiting to be executed for murders committed in 2007
A 29-year-old self-styled pimp will be sentenced to death for killing three people by opening fire into a moving vehicle after a dispute at a hip-hop event
An investigation conducted by an independent group concluded that the Nevada prison system needs more staff, improved training and better equipment
A defunct Las Vegas company that used prison inmates as employees in its steel business still owes the Nevada Department of Corrections $428,000, but the chances of collecting are slim to none
Gov. Brian Sandoval says he asked the director of the Nevada Department of Corrections to resign in part because a report about shootings in the state’s prisons was late
Greg Cox faced criticism over the use of force by corrections officers
Officials described the deal as routine, a way to secure cheap rounds for highway patrol, parole and probation, emergency management, wildlife and other state departments
Four inmates were hurt at the High Desert State Prison when an officer shot them with a pellet gun to break up a fight
Nevada Department of Corrections officials said Sherman Meyer died Tuesday at the prison’s medical facility
Officers used blank and live rounds to stop two inmates from fighting