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The defendants failed to maintain proper safety procedures and policies and did not provide the number of necessary corrections officers to maintain order in the cellblock, records state
Three COs at Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution may face disciplinary action in connection with the two escapes back in May
The Greene County sheriff said the new facility will help address needs for mental health services and better equip inmates to reenter society
The lawsuit said Cuyahoga County ignored requests the CO made for breaks to check his blood, as well as appeals to avoid working past his regular, 12-hour shift
The chef said he’s been trying to help the county fix its jail food problem, which is so severe correctional officers have worried it could spark a riot
Corrections officers said the food is so bad that they fear for their safety, pointing to one particular one meal that COs said could have sparked a riot
“I am scared for my life, and the life of our officers who are asked to hand out these horrible meals,” an email to jail administrators said
While on a bicycle at the drive-thru, the man tried to order a burger. An employee recognized him and called 911
Ohio corrections officials said investigators determined the inmates left the correctional facility “after concealing themselves in a dumpster”
New COs will start off earning $25 an hour this year, and up to $26.50 per hour by 2025, per the terms of a new bargaining agreement with Cuyahoga County
The two men were reported missing from the Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution in Lima, Ohio; Bradley Gillespie is still wanted
Officials began investigating the commissary, which is managed by the sheriff’s office, after receiving a complaint that it was donating expired food
Desmen Ramsey thought he was leaving a voicemail with a hitman, but had mistakenly called a dumpster rental company
Exit interviews from COs cited mismanagement, disrespect and distrust as their main reasons for leaving
Fender was chosen for the CoreCivic award for his achievements in workforce development, improving conditions and reducing violence