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The former jail deputy’s basic corrections officer certification was revoked by the agency for life because he lacks “moral fitness”
Mike Reese, former Multnomah County sheriff and Portland Police Bureau chief, said he will make a commitment to rehabilitating the state’s inmates
Tony Klein’s sentence also includes five years of supervised release after prison; he had faced a possible life sentence
Court records allege the former assistant warden “obtain(ed) compensation while not performing the duties of his office”
County officials say the state’s funding approach will continue to lead to budget shortfalls that limit staff and increase overcrowding
More than half of the employees at Coffee Creek feel it is “not a psychologically safe facility for staff,” the researchers wrote
The lawsuit is seeking $109,000 in lost wages, an additional $1M for future lost wages/pension benefits and $500,000 for other compensatory damages
The former CO said the DOC failed to address a hostile work environment after she accused another CO of sexually assaulting, stalking and harassing her
Girls Scouts Beyond Bars is a unique program in dozens of women’s prisons, jails and juvenile-detention centers across the country
In 1991, Frank Gable was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for the killing of Oregon’s prisons chief Michael Francke
The selection of a civilian head of training is one of the steps the Police Bureau agreed to take to comply with the city’s settlement with the DOJ
Four bills would help with access, apprenticeships, licensing and oversight
After an officer removes the suspect’s hand and leg cuffs in line with legal requirements for the court session, the defendant runs out of the courtroom door
Officers sent a robot into a crawlspace and found signs the suspect was burrowed deep underneath a house
Benjamin Obadiah Foster, 36, died at a hospital, hours after he was taken into custody