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Overcrowding Issues

From legislation intended to combat the issue to how corrections staff can stay safe and successfully manage the problem within their facilities, this page is a key resource for COs everywhere.

Commissioners want the Idaho Department of Correction to pay counties more to house people who have been convicted and sentenced for crimes, but for whom there is no room in state prisons
In October 2022, there was a daily average of 835 total people in jail; it has increased 32% this year
“The more people, the more tensions, the more risk for individuals to fight, to create other issues in our facility,” Ada County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Shem McCulloch said
The Vernon C. Bain Correctional Center, a five-story jail barge with 800 beds, opened as a temporary measure in 1982 to relieve crowding on Rikers Island
The main jail, plagued by overcrowding, crumbling walls, unsanitary conditions and violence, houses 2,600 inmates in a facility with 2,254 beds
“Prolonged and stalled” adjudication, charges that don’t lead to incarceration and delayed transfers to long-term detention lead to overcrowding at the short-term youth detention center
Until the county gets a bigger jail the sheriff is trying small changes, like serving fresh fruit more often and expanding board game privileges, to keep the peace
County officials say the state’s funding approach will continue to lead to budget shortfalls that limit staff and increase overcrowding
Officials said Billings has outgrown its jail throughout the past decade; that issue has been exacerbated by a chronic lack of detention officers to staff
The average Lancaster County Jail population for this year’s first quarter was 642, compared with 565 during the same three month timeframe last year
The Fulton County sheriff said the three members of his executive team had more than 65 years of collective experience in law enforcement and running a jail
The announcement came after the family of Lashawn Thompson, 35, who was found covered in bed bugs after he died inside the jail last year, called for an investigation
Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed a law that will require anyone convicted of any of 18 violent offenses to serve 100% of their sentences
There were nearly 19,000 male inmates in Alabama correctional facilities in buildings designed to house just 11,000
The DOC would be required to pick up inmates awaiting transport within three business days of sentencing