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Allegheny County Jail inmates will receive monthly payments of $125 for the first six months of 2024
The revised policy includes step-down procedures to ensure there is mitigated risk over a longer period of time before inmates are returned to general population
The prison has made changes to the way it handles inmates at risk of escape, including assigning one or two COs to monitor inmates when they are outside of their cells
The lawsuit alleges that the DoC, which didn’t comment, confines people with serious mental illness by withholding evaluations, diagnoses and care
The warden has said building a new facility is crucial to improving and expanding how the county delivers programs and services in education, addiction recovery and mental health
Allegheny County Jail reports compliance with a county referendum that limits solitary confinement for inmates
Mercy County jail warden wants body cameras to “protect us — the county and the staff”
The prison board approved the up to $3.5 million project to add walls and a roof to Chester County prison’s eight exercise yards
Howard Holland, acting warden of Chester County Prison, proposed new fencing, ankle monitors for high-risk inmates, more cameras in the facility and establishing a K-9 unit to enhance security
A convicted rapist walked away, with three weeks left in his 9-month sentence, after he was sent outside to close the iron gates
Four of the cold, tired teens turned themselves in after the “planned, but poorly planned” escape and five others were captured after a brief car chase
Difficult terrain and unseasonably warm weather made it challenging to find Danilo Cavalcante, even though he never left the county during 2 weeks on the run
The 2-week manhunt ended with the help of burglar alarm response, thermal imaging cameras and a Border Patrol K-9 named Yoda
Danelo Cavalcante — still armed with a rifle — tried to evade capture by crawling through thick underbrush but was bitten by a K-9
Package of proposed bills would improve conditions and security at jails for the benefit of staff, inmates and the public