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Prison Technology

A majority of first responder agencies lack necessary funds for purchasing equipment and technology
Chronic turnover and staff shortages have prompted the sheriff to implement technology to help keep inmates safe in the wake of violations cited by the health department
These digital tools have the potential to determine threats and even provide insights into the behavior and needs of inmates
Training sessions in VR teach inmates coping skills before they’re released
Schuylkill County Prison requests $160K for 42 additional wireless access points, switches and cables to improve communication between iPads used by COs
The shift to video arraignments foretells how things might be done differently in the future
The interactive dashboard provides daily updates and summary information about the current inmate population
“It’s a people job. If you enjoy people, those inmates are people all day long. If you treat them fairly and with respect, you get respect”
Preparing inmates to stay out of prison after release is good for them, their family and friends, and society in general
The equipment allows 360-degree views of an imaginary world in two or three dimensions for shared adventures between kids and incarcerated parents
Providing access to web-based services can give parolees more freedom, and increase the effectiveness of their supervision and rehabilitation
Tracking supplies given can save lives, no matter the size of the object
States are making the investment to strengthen the bond between workforce agencies and state and local corrections entities
CDCR did not say how many people were affected, but said there is no indication that the data — which could include Social Security numbers, driver’s license information and other information — had been misused
Because of incompatible computer systems, a judge set a low bail for Walker not knowing he had recently been let out of jail before starting a seven-year prison sentence for burglary