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Terrorism Prevention and Response

Abu Hamza, a former imam featured on the “Preachers of Hate” series, is serving a life sentence on charges of terrorism and kidnapping
El Shafee Elsheikh was given eight life sentences for hostage-taking, conspiracy to murder U.S. citizens and supporting a terrorist organization
Timothy Koebert, 65, began to write letters in August to the Allentown District Parole Office threatening to kill people, babies and a police officer
“Today’s verdicts prove that violence and threats have no place in our politics and those who seek to divide us will be held accountable. They will not succeed,” said Whitmer
The man who took four people hostage on Saturday at a Texas synagogue was demanding Siddiqui’s release
A member of the Pakistani government called for her to be released from U.S. custody and returned to Pakistan
An inmate was arrested after allegedly stabbing two COs with a knife to avenge a terrorist’s death
Radicalization is a complex and widespread problem in prisons and early intervention is critical
Ahmad Khan Rahimi reportedly gave other inmates access to materials including bomb-making instructions
Yahya Mohammad, an Indian citizen, also was ordered deported to India after he serves his prison sentence
A man accused of participating in a plot to behead a conservative blogger for ISIS asked a fellow prisoner to help him “neutralize” his co-defendant and an informant
Among the incarcerated, according to the Bureau of Prisons, are 380 linked to international terrorism and 83 tied to domestic terrorism
Sessions traveled to the military detention facility to gain “an up-to-date understanding of current operations”
Judge Raymond Jackson said Lee Boyd Malvo is entitled to new sentencing hearings after SCOTUS ruled that mandatory life sentences for juveniles are unconstitutional
The panel found no evidence Christopher Cornell had misunderstood when he pleaded guilty last year
The bill contains mandatory sentencing requirements, including a five to 35 year span for disabling or destroying critical infrastructure
Jeremy Edward Smith pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to making the threats in a 2015 letter he wrote while in solitary confinement
“This judge has the ability for the first time to set up some kind of coherent rationale for a spectrum of sentences — because nobody has handled a case of this size”
A federal judge is being asked to revoke the bond for one of four men accused of raising money for a former al-Qaida leader
An important problem with radicalized inmates is that they provide few — if any — indicators that they are about to commit acts of terror
Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison for acting as al-Qaida’s spokesman after the Sept. 11 terror attacks