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Video Visitation

The former multi-millionaire attorney, who is serving two life sentences for murder, had his phone and canteen privileges suspended for 30 days
The shift to video arraignments foretells how things might be done differently in the future
Using mobile technology to access resources can help reduce the burden of incarceration on individuals, families, and facilities alike
From a kiosk, tablet or handheld device, incarcerated residents can maintain critical family ties, access medical care and education and keep track of court dates while increasing public safety staff efficiency
As of July 2018, over 600 correctional facilities had implemented some form of video visitation
The prison system has saved nearly $6,000 from January to March since using video-conferencing for inmate hearings
Using the system, people also can video chat with their incarcerated family members from home
Assaults on correctional officers, inmate mental healthcare and the impact of new technologies dominated the headlines this year
In the less than four months the service has been operational, inmates have had more than 13,000 visits -- four times the number of in-person visits in the last year
A sheriff tweaked a controversial policy that lets Mecklenburg County jail inmates receive visits from family and friends only through video screens
Once a properly-implemented video visitation becomes the norm at a correctional facility, contraband issues decrease while security improves
Some believe this is a great way to improve safety and security, but others believe that rehab requires physical contact from the inmate’s family
Thanks to an innovative program, prisoners who pose a serious risk to the community don’t need to exhaust CDCR resources when they appear live in court
Visitors will no longer set foot inside the actual jail, but be directed to a video-conferencing trailer near the facility’s entrance
Video visits are still allowed under the new rules, but in-person meetings must be offered in addition