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The Weird News topic gives corrections officers a place to get articles covering the bizarre, including strange crimes, wacky courtroom appearances, and oddball encounters COs have on a daily basis. The job is deadly serious, but there are dozens of moments in corrections that leave officers shaking their heads and laughing as they make their rounds.

While awaiting sentencing of 10 years to life, David Lettieri has filed 51 lawsuits since November engaging “in a pattern of abuse of the judicial process”
During a second scan, the assistant jail commander noticed the object in the arrestee had moved
Tureygua Inaru tried to get other inmates to kill her family members and a prosecutor
Desmen Ramsey thought he was leaving a voicemail with a hitman, but had mistakenly called a dumpster rental company
Before catching a ride to Tennessee, the man returned the van and the key he had found in it
The Nevada inmate exited a jail van at an intersection and slipped and slid his way back into custody
“Only in South Florida can you have a yacht on shore from a hurricane with the owner of the yacht incarcerated.”
Prosecutors informed defense attorneys for Sheila Keen Warren on Wednesday that they had found a “clown sighting file” which prosecutors said they didn’t have
27-year-old Jersey City woman recently applied for the security job with the Hudson County department, thus giving up her location
The man was in court to respond to numerous charges, including second-degree assault
The man told authorities that he thought the “other half of his keys” was in one of the vehicles
His sister, Wanda Palmer, identified him as her attacker upon awakening
Both the bombs exploded and injured those who opened them, but neither victim was the man’s intended target
“It’s a proven fact that I will not tolerate foolishness,” Sheriff Burnis Wilkins said
The victim was rescued after she flagged down a detention officer in the jail parking lot