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The inmate was being transported back to the correctional center when he created a disturbance in the back of a cruiser; when the deputy checked on him, he pepper sprayed the deputy
In an effort to boost staffing, the Pennsylvania DOC reduced the CO’s minimum age requirement to 18
Some of the proposed legislation would make all state prisoners serve 85% of their sentences before they’re eligible for early release as a reward for good behavior
The Multnomah County corrections deputies are accused of “door popping” so inmates could leave their cells and attack other inmates
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said the sticker has since been removed — and Sheriff Robert Luna faulted oversight officials for not telling him about the image sooner
Deputy Charles Rivette was killed and another deputy was seriously injured; Deputy Rivette was an 18-year veteran of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
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Best practices for procurement, deployment
There’s no denying that working in corrections takes a toll on officer health; this 30-day challenge can help you get your life back
Don’t ever rely on the “search incident to arrest” by the arresting or transporting officer
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