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How to Buy Guides for Corrections Products
Download this Corrections1 buying guide to learn key steps for selection, purchasing and implementation of all corrections products
Better sleep is the best first responder countermeasure to shift work and fatigue
Corrections Products
Sincere A. Harrison was charged with second-degree assault and first-degree promoting prison contraband
The former multi-millionaire attorney, who is serving two life sentences for murder, had his phone and canteen privileges suspended for 30 days
The Tactical Games were created to provide a platform to test the skills and readiness of tactical athletes of all backgrounds
Deputies were transporting the inmate on the 5 freeway when he broke free from the patrol car
The woman refused to leave the patrol officer’s vehicle and told the officer “I want you to drag me,” a violation of department policy
6 steps for field probation officers to take to preserve the scene and support law enforcement
Authorities are searching for the escapee in a rural, sparsely populated area
Consider these tips to update tactical team training and procedures for barricaded suspects and hostage rescue operations in your jurisdiction
States are making the investment to strengthen the bond between workforce agencies and state and local corrections entities
Go hands-on with the latest tech while visiting with officers from neighboring departments
First responders can save time and money and implement greater departmental purchasing transparency with the Amazon First Responders Storefront
Launched in collaboration with a local library, the program aims to connect families and instill a love of reading
The inmate attacked the detention officer after two rounds of tasing were ineffective
Free educational videos provide inmates with access to vital self-improvement tools
Board member Patricia Hayes said she was “overall concerned” about the operations of the jail following the incident
The Behavior Care Center is reshaping how the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office helps people who are having psychotic episodes
Why are we not using handcuffs the way they were designed?
A powerful digital tool detects illegal three-way calls, and automatically sends email alerts to authorities when they occur
Wood, metal and hard plastic brooms and mops can easily be made into weapons – here’s why you need to look for tools made specifically for the correctional environment
Since the start of the pilot program, TASERs have been used “sparingly and judiciously” to stop serious assaults
Body-worn cameras and TASER CEWs often have a calming effect on tense situations, but using them together can also cut down on complaints and boost transparency
Vigilance at every step helps officers avoid complacency and ward off prisoner escapes or assaults