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The Lake County Sheriff’s Office corrections division is down nearly 40% of its normal staffing levels due to vacancies, family and medical leave and other absences
BOP’s regional office announced the 25% retention pay employees have received since early 2022 will be discontinued at the end of the year
Video shows the 17-year-old suspect shooting at windows inside the Sangamon County Juvenile Detention Facility while holding a juvenile resident hostage
Correctional staff at the Livingston County Jail found the tools needed for the job had expanded to include crayons and children’s books
The CO faces a maximum of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine on the civil rights charge and five years and $250,000 on the obstruction charge
The lawsuit seeks a court order compelling the facility to improve conditions immediately, on the basis of deprivation of their rights under the 14th Amendment
McLean County jail inmates are being transferred as a result of inadequate staffing
A federal grand jury indicted three correctional officers, accusing two of them of beating an inmate who was handcuffed and trying to cover it up in written reports
A judge gave the CO a sentence nearly one-quarter the length of the 20 years handed to two other COs involved in the incident
Todd Sheffler said he accepted responsibility “for what I did or didn’t do” that caused the inmate’s death
A judge said Alex Banta was “caught up in the culture” of silence surrounding violence against inmates
DCFS and Family Services allegedly wrongfully incarcerated children in juvenile detention after a court ordered them to be released to their guardian
Testing ruled out “narcotics or hazardous materials” as the cause for the illnesses
COs and other staff who responded to the call became ill, some violently, when they came near the affected inmates
The order came after a Kankakee County judge said the provisions were unconstitutional
Two convicted bank robbery inmates broke out of their 17th floor cell of the Metropolitan Correctional Center and rappelled down the building’s sheer face
Some of the defendants were in custody and used jail phones “to complete the fraudulent PPP loan process,” officials said
An official designated a relative be hired as an intelligence officer even though that person hadn’t applied and someone else had already been chosen
The warden has placed the staff, inmates and community at risk, said union leader Jonathan Zumkehr
The probe is looking into the overuse of solitary confinement and deaths of seven inmates over a two-year period
Alex Banta now faces up to life in prison for actions the jury said led to the death of inmate Larry Earvin
Ray Tate discovered a way to get out of his cell because of a flaw in the original construction of the jail
The union is calling for more resources, including a mail scanner, to help reduce the risk to officers
A proposed program would see inmates from the area transferred about six months before their parole date
The bill would allow those interested in a CO job to apply if they have an associate’s degree
With the new cameras in place, COs will instead have a workstation outside each cell block
Between mid-August and mid-October, the cumulative number of inmate infections more than tripled and total staff cases more than doubled
Mike Olino, 47, had worked at the Will County Jail since 2003
Deon “Strawberry” Hampton requested the transfer on grounds she’d be less vulnerable to the sexual assault, taunting and beatings she was subjected to in male prisons