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Officials said Billings has outgrown its jail throughout the past decade; that issue has been exacerbated by a chronic lack of detention officers to staff
Court documents allege that Colbey Bradley threatened to kill the nurse if the officer didn’t let him go
Joshua Roy Smith pleaded guilty to assaulting three detention officers in the 2019 incident
States were authorized in August to start spending the money, a CDC spokesperson said
Officer Albert “Chub” Wheat, 50, a father of three, died unexpectedly on Feb. 4
Among other things, the grant will help fund several positions within Missoula’s criminal justice system, including a licensed social worker and two staff members to provide pretrial defendants with support and referrals
In addition to hiring staff, the county plans to expand on the current jail population dashboard by gathering more data to help identify and analyze racial and ethnic disparities
Recently visited California prisons to review programs designed to help train inmates for work in fields in which employers can’t attract enough qualified staff
Officials say a new jail is desperately needed in Flathead County, where the currently jail is currently overburdened with 100 inmates
A judge’s ruling limits Montana to using one of three drugs in its lethal injections, but none of three is readily available for purchase
Higher speed limits and new sex-offender registration requirements are among the 165 new laws that will take effect Thursday in Montana
Brittany Mumm contracted cytomegalovirus, or CMV, which then was passed on to her daughter
A group of national experts, funded by a private foundation and the federal government, will be crunching the data to analyze what’s behind Montana’s inmate population growth and recommend some potential policy changes
Branden Conrad Miesmer, 26, was captured Wednesday evening after a deputy spotted the 10-by-8-foot trailer’s open door
8 state officials said in a letter that analysis is needed to address a prison population that could exceed capacity by November