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Bradley Kreifels served with the Nebraska DOC for 30 years; he was a former marine who rose to the rank of sergeant at the Community Corrections Center
The aspiring true-crime author is alleged to have helped Aubrey Trail, a convicted killer, in a murder-for-hire scheme to extort money from a prison nurse who had smuggled contraband into the prison
The average Lancaster County Jail population for this year’s first quarter was 642, compared with 565 during the same three month timeframe last year
Lancaster Community Corrections expanded the reentry program which includes therapy, substance-abuse treatment, and learning life skills with a $2M federal grant
The JDAI program looks for alternatives for detaining juveniles
Inmates “know there is no retribution for going off the rails,” one staff member said
The DUI court serves as an alternative to prison or jail time
“The staffing crisis changes now,” said FOP President Mike Chapman
Lawmakers face a budget shortfall when they convene in January, but members of a budget-writing committee say they still hope to boost funding for the state’s prison system
Each inmate faces felony counts
Members of an oversight committee spent three days looking into financial problems, overcrowding, mental health services and staffing shortages within the Department of Correctional Services
Director Scott Frakes said the department will request from the Legislature an estimated $26.2 million for additional beds at community corrections centers in Lincoln and Omaha
Corrections Director Scott Frakes announced Tuesday that prison officials have completed 13 of the 83 recommended actions
Corrections Department Director Scott Frakes praised the courage of the officers awarded
The new machine will allow inmates to add information themselves and print out an accurate booking card