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The program assigns two inmate handlers to each dog; inmates are compensated for working with the dogs
Amber Marshall’s appointment aims to address gender-specific needs within Arizona’s correctional system
A council, allowed to meet in secret, advised Gov. Newsom on a $360 million plan to remake the prison grounds as a college campus, with a student union, classrooms and possibly a coffee shop
Transformational leaders motivate teams to work toward a shared vision of success by creating a sense of purpose and direction
The country takes a radically different approach to rehabilitating those it incarcerates
Although rehabilitating those serving time behind bars is a chief mission for state departments of correction, recent research reveals a potential stumbling block in achieving this goal
“The skills our students learn pave the way for successful reentry, helping them prepare for careers or continuing their education,” Superintendent Shannon Swain said
The facility will be renamed the San Quentin Rehabilitation Center and inmates serving sentences will be moved elsewhere in the state’s penitentiary system
The equipment allows 360-degree views of an imaginary world in two or three dimensions for shared adventures between kids and incarcerated parents
Michael DiVincino was able to rehabilitate himself from within the prison system while serving as “sort of an unofficial mentor” to many younger inmates
The grant will enable drug counselors to conduct a six-month program at seven prisons to help inmates break substance abuse habits
By providing too many privileges to its max-security inmates, Ohio is both undercutting its reformatory mission and putting the safety of everyone behind the wall at risk
“This is a prison where the incarcerated individuals actually write staff gratitude letters upon graduation,” said one officer
“It’s great for morale, the culture; it’s great for the community,” said Gov. Kevin Stitt
Staff’s negative perceptions of their agency – whether founded or not – must be addressed or these negative perceptions will breed division and discord