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Cookie bakers from prison ministry groups plan to deliver 19,200 home-baked and store-bought cookies to inmates at Trenton Correctional Institution
Prior to the changes, anyone wearing head coverings, regardless of what it was, had to remove the head coverings when being booked at the jail
Two inmates sued the Corrections Department, seeking recognition of Christian Identity, under a federal law that protects the religious freedom of people confined to prison
The former inmate claims his religious freedoms were violated when his knee-length locks were cut and is appealing for monetary damages
Yusef Maisonet, an imam to Muslim death row inmates Dominique Ray and Nathaniel Wood, alleged that Alabama violated his rights by barring him from attending the inmates’ executions
State appeals court decision asks criminal court to determine if an expert’s testimony on recidivism was false and inaccurate
Texas prison officials must allow a spiritual advisor in the death chamber per an inmate’s request, a judge ruled
Justices rejected Texas’ defense of its policy of allowing an inmate’s spiritual adviser to be present but without speaking or touching the inmate
When the new requirements cannot be accommodated, such as during a security risk, written documentation must be provided explaining why
Some facilities are allowing inmates convicted of terror-related crimes to lead religious services
During the pandemic, Jehovah’s Witnesses continued their ministry inside prisons without sending in ministers
Haddrick Byrd claimed the CO’s chronic whistling “was offensive to his beliefs and disruptive to his prayer”
Teresa Stanfield is normally behind bars, talking with inmates about how she changed her troubled life, but COVID-19 has forced her out of prisons
The settlement requires the department to provide kosher meals to inmates who have requested them previously
The Department of Corrections is ending a requirement that group-worship activities accommodate a minimum of five inmates