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Female Inmates

Jail policies and classification systems have been largely developed based on the male population
Amber Marshall’s appointment aims to address gender-specific needs within Arizona’s correctional system
Prisoner Transport
The Franklin County Regional Jail inmate died after she jumped out of the transport vehicle’s window, police said
Crocheting is part of the “healthy hobbies” program for the women living in the minimum security pre-release facility
After calling for help CO Hanna Suite defended herself and was helped by other inmates
More than half of the employees at Coffee Creek feel it is “not a psychologically safe facility for staff,” the researchers wrote
The suit accuses the Bureau of Prisons of failing to do enough to prevent sexual abuse at FCI Dublin, despite serious incidents going back to the 1990s
Prosecutors want Elizabeth Holmes to pay $250 a month to victims of her failed blood testing startup after she leaves prison, but her attorneys are pushing back
Girls Scouts Beyond Bars is a unique program in dozens of women’s prisons, jails and juvenile-detention centers across the country
Staff Misconduct
Darrell Wayne Smith, who worked at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, is the sixth employee at the prison charged with abusing inmates
Corrections Training
Over 200 women at Edna Mahan took part in training dogs for nearly 22 years with Puppies Behind Bars
Enrique Chavez was the fifth employee at the Dublin prison to be charged with sexual abuse of inmates since June 2021
Staff Misconduct
The indictments are the latest development in a state criminal probe that resulted in significant fallout, including the departure of the state’s corrections commissioner
The inmate was able to leave the booking area unsupervised and rape the female inmate who was handcuffed to a bar attached to a wall while awaiting release
The nation’s only medical prison for women, FMC Carswell, had the highest rate of sexual assault allegations at any federal women’s prison from 2014 to 2018
Etowah County Detention Center often holds several pregnant and postpartum women in the jail under special bond conditions that require rehab and $10,000 cash
A corrections officer, not a medical professional, received the newborn, hit him on the back to summon his first breaths and responded when he turned blue, an internal report says
Costing about $150 million, the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women will meet the unique needs of female inmates
James Theodore Highhouse forced inmates seeking his spiritual guidance at Calif. prison to have sex with him
Deputies took two hours to respond to the homeless woman’s call for help, then stopped at Starbucks on the way to the hospital; the woman lost the pregnancy
The study, called the Gender Informed Practices Assessment, takes a compressive systemic look at women’s prison practices
Rape and sexual battery of female inmates at the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center “was rampant, routine, and widespread,” according to the woman’s lawsuit
Jail’s medical staff tended to the mom and infant, who was born weeks before his due date
Inmates enrolled in courses at a local community college will be able to use the laptops while taking classes
Former prisoners, advocates and federal investigators have long raised concerns about the office’s effectiveness
At least five women at Lee Arrendale State Prison have been shackled or placed in solitary confinement or both within six weeks of having a baby
The body cameras, bought with a $250,000 grant, will “offer greater oversight, accountability, and security of our facilities,” officials said
The project aims to help women recover from substance use disorders and reenter the workforce after prison
Women face different obstacles during reentry than those of their male counterparts