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While there are inmates who are sincere about their religious beliefs, many do not use the chapel for its intended purpose
In this episode of Tier Talk, Anthony Gangi discusses the dangers of doubt
Look to empower - not micromanage - your employees
While the inmates in our care have been legitimately deprived of liberty, they still have certain constitutional rights
Anthony Gangi discusses the importance of committing to an act and never standing frozen
If you work in an agency that offers career development opportunities, certain behaviors will deter your progression
Are you ready for the profound changes that take place when you transform from correctional officer to supervisor?
Don’t let two little words stand between you and the relationships you’d like, the career satisfaction you desire and the personal achievement you dream of
Since medical providers must be fair and consistent, it is important to differentiate medical need for a low bunk from requests made for non-medical reasons
Once you have identified your problem, give it a different name. Call it a “challenge”
If you compromise your safety, you compromise the safety of your fellow staff as well
Staff can gain confidence in their techniques and skills when they train in realistic, dynamic environments
Any of these things can place officers, correctional staff and inmates in harm’s way
The ability to communicate effectively is probably the greatest skill correctional officers can learn
Expect to be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally