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Work Release

Under the county jail’s voluntary work program, workers were paid $20 for 10 to 12 hours a day of manual labor at the single-stream recycling plant
The decline in work crew sentences is attributed to the success of criminal justice reforms, department officials said
Legislation looks to remove language about ‘involuntary servitude’ as a form of criminal punishment from state constitutions
The vocational training program is a life changer for inmates who are eager to “work and contribute to the wellbeing of their families and their communities”
Lawsuit contends the former warden was “grossly negligent” for not providing a safe work environment, sufficient staffing, or adequate safety protocols
The prisons are resuming regular meal service, regular inmate movement, and inmate programs, the ADOC said
Police said they were “incredibly thankful for the CDCR employee and inmates whose bravery undoubtedly saved the woman’s life.”
The inmate had fled a work release assignment at Jett’s store in Jackson. La. over 10 days earlier
A marked sheriff’s office transport van with six inmate workers picking up litter on the side of the highway was hit by an Aramark box truck
“This is not a retaliatory measure but logistically necessary to ensure that other critical services are being provided,” the department said in a statement
Prisoners including those who provide food, laundry and janitorial services refused to show up for work at major state prisons, leaving staff scrambling to keep the facilities running
The organization Both Sides of the Wall called for the strike Mon. morning to address reforms to Alabama’s sentencing and parole laws
In exchange with Gov. Phil Bryant, Favre suggested “the prison industry possibly as a builder” for his volleyball stadium
Nine of the 16 past graduates are working in welding jobs now
This August about 1,670 inmates are in fire camps, including staff like cooks and laundry workers, down about 40% from August 2019