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The pilot program would use taxpayer money to provide cash assistance to people leaving Colorado prisons if they agree to participate in a workforce development program
This program at the Denver County Jail will help people to get back on their feet and be productive citizens after they leave, which will in turn hopefully lead to reducing recidivism in Denver, Sheriff Elias Diggins said
The plan strengthens a compromise considered by legislators as they prepare to approve statewide jail standards for the first time in the state’s history
The lawsuit alleged that assessment and treatment delays for pneumonia by medical staff led to the amputation of the inmate’s left hand and portions of his other limbs
“Christine took an oath and that oath was to protect the citizens of the state of Colorado, and she lost her life doing just that,” Corrections Chief Andre Stancil said
Mark Fox was one of four men who escaped the Bent County jail in late July; authorities say he is considered to be armed and dangerous
The Bent County sheriff said the group escaped by forcing their way through drywall in the ceiling of a cell, which used to serve as the jail’s kitchen
The victim, a 52-year-old youth services employee, was stabbed multiple times in his arm, abdomen, shoulder and neck
AcuDetox and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing are showing value in one Colorado county
New standards include the use of soft restraints, rather than metal cuffs; the routine involvement of health professionals; and regular checks on restrained inmates
Deputies can ID inmates as immigrants who are potentially violating civil immigration law and then hold them until ICE picks them up for detention
Last year, people in the Department of Corrections and their families paid $7.7 million to talk on the phone
Larimer County’s pioneering program connects defendants facing mid-level felony charges with support from mental health professionals to speed up court proceedings
A coalition made seven demands of commissioners before marching to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office
Alexis Hein-Nutz was a week shy from celebrating her 25th birthday; the suspect had a falsified green card and SS card
Police officials, prosecutors and halfway house operators had condemned the policy as jeopardizing public safety
One teacher says he now spends a quarter of his work week on a security shift
The deputy said he wanted to reward the inmates for helping clean the housing pod
Jail leaders must “take out the emotion” about the medication prescribed through the MAT programs, Lt. Staci Shaffer said
Two sheriffs who have implemented MAT programs said they opposed the state requiring counties to offer it without paying for it
The law also removes a section in state statute that says “every able-bodied inmate shall be put to and kept at” work
The station is created and produced by inmates serving at three different correctional facilities in Colorado
“The staff morale is the lowest I’ve seen in the 19 years I’ve worked for the bureau,” a union official said
The fact that executives are working to bring help to staff is good news, the union says
FCC Florence, which includes the supermax Administrative Maximum Facility, is currently only 59% staffed
The Denver Sheriff Department hopes the new Crisis Response Team will minimize deputies’ workloads and provide better service to people in the jail
The new service will be bolstered by a grant-funded mental health program that will have a new staff member helping inmates with mental health and opioid addiction
“That portion was simply not supported. We said all along it wasn’t the end-all, but it’s a great place to start,” a rep said
The state will also pay for medical evaluations and will transfer the inmate to a prison closer to his family