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Inmate Suicide

Regular checks were conducted on the inmate, but a self-inflicted head injury was initially missed
The deputies removed a ligature from the inmate’s neck before providing medical attention Monday night
“Everything points to death by suicide,” said a statement from the regional Catalan government
The settlement is one of 73 payouts involving the sheriff’s department in the past 13 months, totaling more than $14 million
“We were going to put the whole system on trial,” said a lawyer for Michael Thomas
The deal with prosecutors requires both COs to fully cooperate with an ongoing DOJ probe
San Diego County jails have the highest mortality and suicide rates among California’s six largest jail systems
The deputies provided immediate medical attention before the inmate was transported to a local hospital
The lawsuit claims COs didn’t provide proper care for the men despite knowing they had severe mental illnesses
Attorneys for Epstein’s former cellmate, COs on duty at time of Epstein’s death have requested more detailed information about why and how footage of Epstein’s death was deleted
The feds say that due to a record-keeping error, MCC staff preserved footage from outside the wrong cell
Experts say the suicide rate reflects a mental health crisis behind bars that appears to be worsening
Officials say understaffing contributes to a rise in inmate deaths, lack of CO safety
The suit alleges Richard Bid should have been monitored closely because he repeatedly said he intended to kill himself
Officials say the officers were suspended after some of the them allegedly watched before intervening as an inmate tried to hang himself