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Los Angeles

The Los Angeles County Probation Department, which has struggled to maintain staffing levels for years, is also rethinking the physical qualities it looks for in new hires due to the recent levels of violence
In just six years, fentanyl has become the prominent driver of opioid overdose deaths, going from causing about 20% of fatal opioid ODs in 2016 to causing almost all of them — 92% — in 2022
The attorney said sometimes Deputy Arturo Atilano Valadez and other deputies were so exhausted that they took turns sleeping in jail cells
The financial burden of the calls will shift from inmates and their families to a pot of money known as the Inmate Welfare Fund
The 12 cities claim the zero-bail schedule for nonviolent felonies and misdemeanors will result in a “significant increase in criminals released back into the community”
Inmates, staff say fires are used to cook food, warm coffee, light contraband cigarettes or drugs or just to stay warm
The Visitor Center library, which is designed for children visiting their fathers, is a joint venture between LA County Sheriff’s Department and several non-profits
Some of the detainees are suing the county, claiming deputies fired more than 50 canisters of tear gas at a dorm housing several dozen inmates
The department plans to establish an 8-sergeant committee to review use-of-force incidents, taking the matter out of the hands of direct supervisors
Supervisors acknowledged they were failing those in county custody, but stressed they were doing the best they could to improve conditions with limited fund
The county could be forced to pay $1.6 billion to $3 billion for “more than 3,000 claims alleging childhood sexual assault at various County and non-County facilities”
All 3,000 sworn officers in the department, regardless of rank, were ordered to work at least one shift per month in the county’s juvenile halls to help alleviate a staffing crisis
The injunction prohibited inmates from being chained to a front bench for more than four hours and required that the center be kept sanitary
The DOJ wants a judge to intervene because the county hasn’t complied with a court judgment for two years
Guillermo Viera Rosa will join the Los Angeles Probation Department during a time of turmoil