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Mistaken Release

To avoid similar instances from happening, UDOC now requires written notifications to jails if there is any change in the release status of an individual
La. DOC officials, district attorney and sheriff dispute responsibility for the release of Michael “Ma-Man” LeBlanc who was awaiting sentencing for second-degree murder
Investigators believe day-shift jail staff made an error during the booking process at the downtown jail
“Our deputies are working diligently to return Quay Davis into custody,” Sheriff Garry McFadden said
A former jail employee reported the mistake after overhearing the man bragging about his release, 25 years early
Officials say the release was ‘in error’ but would not provide details
It’s at least the fourth time in the last six months that a Cuyahoga County Jail inmate was released by mistake
As COs were processing the man’s release, another inmate told them he was the one who was supposed to be released
Officials say the South Carolina DOC released inmates well before the end of their sentences for two years
Officials said Duwin Perez-Cordova “utilized another inmate’s identifiers” to “unlawfully” leave the jail
A Crawford County CO mistakenly released Joshua Keith Ussery “due to an oversight”
Says it was cruel and unusual punishment to put him back behind bars after he reformed his life
Colorado authorities did not discover the mistake until January and immediately sent him back to prison to serve the rest of his 98-year sentence for armed robbery