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Overall, inspectors found just 73 of 200 living areas were clean enough to comply with court requirements
The Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office received K-9 Mary from a program called Puppies Behind Bars, a program that trains inmates to raise puppies that are sent to law enforcement agencies, first responders and wounded veterans
Of the 50 incidents studied, pepper spray was used 24 times against mentally ill detainees, even though policy first requires consultation with mental health staff, the report said
Robert Gonzalez said it was not the first time he reprimanded the recruiting COs for taking selfies in uniform with elected officials, which is against department policy
The DOC has eliminated the college requirement and slashed the length of training, but has had continuing trouble luring new officers
“Heroes work at the New York City Department of Correction, but the truth is, heroes need help, too,” Commissioner Lynelle Maginley-Liddie said
The former Five Points Correctional Facility corrections officer submitted 13 false medical notes between December 2021 and July 2022
“The state needs to do more to support the correctional officers and civilians that walk into these facilities every day to help keep us all safe, not overcrowd them or shut them down,” State Assemblyman D. Billy Jones said
Officers discovered a folded piece of paper containing a green, leafy substance suspected to be K2 spice that had allegedly been secreted inside the inmate’s prosthetic leg
The detainee blamed in the crash, a homicide suspect, got into the bus’s driver seat after a CO left the bus unattended outside the courthouse, the DOC said
When the team of corrections officers at Five Points Correctional Facility opened the door to the cell, the inmate charged at the officers with a shank, making stabbing motions toward the head and neck of staff members
The judge laid out a litany of problems and staffing issues at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, noting many problems stem from a simple reality — with salaries starting at just over $45,000 for COs, it’s hard to find people willing to work there
“Assaulting an officer is never the appropriate action for not receiving a hygiene product in time,” said Louis Viscusi, president of the Suffolk County Correction Officers Association
The 25-year-old prisoner, who was convicted of murder in 2019, headbutted one officer and cut another with a makeshift weapon during the incident
“I’ve never seen another human being look at someone like that, he had this look in his eyes, like you’re not getting out of here if you have a pulse,’” CO Kristen Lonnborg said
During a search of a cell at Attica Correctional Facility, an inmate stabbed a corrections officer several times in the forearm
Mayor Adams said he interviewed several people for the post, but Lynelle Maginley-Liddie stood out for her “emotional intelligence”
The $498,500 grant will be used toward re-entry services and initiatives; these programs target underlying systems that cause criminal behavior which can have an impact on recidivism rates
One correctional officer was stabbed “numerous times,” officials said, and another suffered “serious injuries to his face”
“Removing barriers to reentry and providing justice-involved individuals with a second chance is critical to the rehabilitation process,” NYS DOCCS Acting Commissioner Daniel Martuscello said
“Practices for reporting stabbings/slashings are so unregulated that the monitor no longer has confidence in the accuracy of the department’s data in this area,” the monitoring team said
Instead of the test for Erie County facilities, individuals can complete an online “training and experience” application that awards points for different levels of educational attainment and work experience
The Vernon C. Bain Correctional Center, a five-story jail barge with 800 beds, opened as a temporary measure in 1982 to relieve crowding on Rikers Island
Sheriff: “My officers have a difficult job and should not be subjected to baseless complaints”
The $170,000 of unearned pay, including filing for overtime from Aruba, is alleged to have happened from July 2021 to January 2023
While awaiting sentencing of 10 years to life, David Lettieri has filed 51 lawsuits since November engaging “in a pattern of abuse of the judicial process”
A lawyer expressed City Hall’s interest in using the defunct Metropolitan Correctional Center to house migrants amid severe overcrowding in shelters
The report states there was also no captain on duty as a result of a staffing issue that left the Vierno Center eight captains short on the day the inmate died
Several inmates and around a dozen correction officers were treated for smoke inhalation; one inmate was burned so severely he was transported to the ICU