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Shelby County Sheriff Floyd Bonner defended the action of the deputies to restrain a psychotic inmate and says he will be “the first one to donate” to any legal fee fundraisers
New standards include the use of soft restraints, rather than metal cuffs; the routine involvement of health professionals; and regular checks on restrained inmates
Worn by an inmate in contact with their body and hidden under their clothing, a stun device can be activated remotely by a trained transport officer to quickly stop an escape or violence
Incident videos help responders identify the physical and behavioral cues of a severe behavioral emergency that may or may not have a criminal component
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The 17-year-old became unresponsive while being restrained following an altercation with detention staff in September
A letter sent to MDOC last week says that staff continue to use prone restraints despite training
The bill “puts the safety of incarcerated persons and correction employees at substantial risk,” said Gov. Lamont
Sheriff Victor Hill was charged in April with violating the civil rights of inmates by punishing them with restraint chairs
Sheriff Victor Hill was indicted on federal charges Tuesday for using a restraint chair to punish inmates
Vigilance at every step helps officers avoid complacency and ward off prisoner escapes or assaults
The policy changes are part of a $610,000 lawsuit settlement with a Bronx woman who was shackled during childbirth
The Transport Kit allows officers to safely restrain detainees or prisoners
Prosecutors have asked that the inmate appear at his upcoming trial secured to a wheeled restraint chair, wearing a mesh spit mask over his face and with an electrified security belt around his waist
It’s important to keep your knowledge of these tactics sharp