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The department’s vision centers around transforming the state’s correctional system, “which has been historically perceived as a punitive model, " shifting to a focus on rehabilitation and restoration, and reducing recidivism
“Alarmingly low morale” and continuous long overtime shifts cited by COs
The man took a tube sock and tied it to the loop of a metal padlock, and also formed a shiv from a razor blade
HOPE program is a new option available to judges looking for alternative sentences to prison for those who abuse drugs
Samson Hill, 26, who is awaiting trial for unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle, attempted to scale a 14-foot fence but got caught in razor wire
Hawaii County police captured extended furlough inmate John Towle Friday after he failed to check in
Inmates opened a door in their housing unit at Hawaii Community Correctional Center by ramming a piece of furniture into it about 2 a.m.
Group of Hawaii lawmakers wants the state auditor to investigate alleged abuse of sick leave
Electronic door locking systems for the state’s largest prison have begun to fail after 28 years of use
Staffing issues caused by high numbers of both scheduled and unscheduled leave by correctional officers
State Rep.: “To me, the misconduct cases speak to the need to conduct searches of ACOs when they report to work and when they leave”
John Fuimaono grabbed the nurse in a chokehold while being evaluated in the health care unit
State officials say they have no choice but to pay overtime to cover shifts to make up chronic staff shortages
Smuggled methamphetamine, cigarettes and other contraband into Halawa Correctional Facility and for scheming with inmates to do so
He and another inmate are accused of attacking a CO, stealing his keys and then threatening another employee for her car