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Emergency Management

Risk management expert Gordon Graham details how to combat the five reasons mistakes are made in public safety
Howard Holland, acting warden of Chester County Prison, proposed new fencing, ankle monitors for high-risk inmates, more cameras in the facility and establishing a K-9 unit to enhance security
The test will run Oct. 4 at 2:20 p.m. ET to TVs, radios and cell phones
Union president for COs jokes that “everything runs off duct tape and band-aids” in the understaffed prison with failing infrastructure
Authorities moved 320 inmates as Huntsville firefighters battled a fire at the Walls Prison Unit
Call sheets, mock drills and suspicious package training can help your personnel deal with threats effectively
A total of five fires were set in two areas of the facility, the fire marshal’s office said
EMS crews are being left without DOC escorts to protect them when they enter the jails, the union says
Not all parishes in the area are planning jail evacuations ahead of the now Category 4 storm
At this crucial infection point we need ‘all of the community’ to help halt transmission in our corrections systems
Lessons in communication, coordination and safety from an unusual response involving several inmates
Steps correctional facilities can take to ensure staff are prepared for when the next emergency hits
Attorneys said inmates with different security levels were mixed, some didn’t get their medication on time and no meals were served for nearly 24 hours
The sheriff said the facility does not have a generator capable of running air exchange and cooling systems
Officials didn’t say where they were relocating inmates, but said they would be moved to another state corrections facility
There were no injuries to work camp staff or inmates as a result of the tornado
Thousands of downed trees and power lines made it impossible for a judge to get to the jail, the warden said
At Apalachee Correctional’s East Unit, Michael toppled fences and security infrastructure, tore roofs off, and led to food shortages
One jail faced obstacles including plumbing issues, water leaks, and gas line troubles
The department said the facilities “sustained significant damage to roofs and security infrastructure” but reiterated that “staff and inmates were not injured during the storm”
Phone lines and email services were down at several state prisons, leaving many unable to get answers
If you serve on a correctional emergency response team, these gloves offer the comfort, dexterity and protection you need to stay safe
In order to function properly during emergency situations, we must get to know and work with all agencies in our criminal justice system
The mass evacuations of several Texas prisons after catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Harvey is a reminder of the necessity of emergency planning
Correctional breachers know hardened prison structures require mechanical tools that are not often used in the residential breaching world